Brand New Wallpaper!

The Vindicator invades your desktops

Do you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen? Drifting into a daydream while you struggle to do your work? Then we prescribe this fancy new Heroes of Ruin wallpaper. Featuring the striking Vindicator, your eyes will be transfixed and entertained for hours to come.

Show your support and swap out your old desktop wallpaper for this shiny brand new one immediately! You know you want to.

(Not FDA approved. May result in decreased productivity at work)










"Do you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen?"

No...not for just any 'ol reason. I find myself staring @ broken links to this wall paper though

am i allowed to see this?

Nice effeminate leap.

im here for xp :)

Post me anything about the xp... that doesnt involve the challenges....


Dont mind me.

Can you put the image back, please ! Thank you !

Oh dear......they arent working....

i can't see it either. poo

404 error not found --""

The links don't work any more?

Aw, I can't see it =(

Same like last post :'( Plz give back the link =)

download error

Error 404...

The Wallpaper is awesome!


Thanks! I just got a new monitor, so this will break it in nicely. :)

I haven't seen any yet, but can you make wallpaper of one of the sharkmen? They look awesome!

Cool Wallpaper!

Cool pictures. Anyone else posting for the XP?


Hmmmm, is there somewhere a directory of all the wall-papers?

Simple, but clean :D

Sorry, but its a little lame. Seen the pic too much.

Very cool. iPhone wallpaper get!

I could stare at that sword for hours. I love detailing and especially the extra length due to the unique gold embleming (english fails me right here, I don't know how to say it.) The blade itself is just amazing. I love it.

pretty sick armor, downloading now

Oh cool, I'm putting this on my desktop right now!



Vindicator owns


Whoa yea, that looks legit. Getting that.

WOW! The Vindicator is the King of this site... :|

I hope they put just as much effort in some of the other charcters

geuss i didn't need 6 posts after all

How do you know if your on the wall?

I need the motormouth challenge so please ignore me. lol

I think i'll download this

Talk about my new background:\

Thanks :)

magine furry animals with weapons, not apes or werewolves especially not from twilight and think is'nt that just wasome thunder, thunder, thunder THUNDERCATS hooooo, goooo vindicators

I wish I had multiple "walls" for multiple wallpapers..

Hey EyeSight, it seems to be working for us. What error are you getting? Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Can't get the 1280/720 open!

Ima download in right now!

That's really cool

The links should all work now!

If you're getting a 404 then just try again in an hour. It's propagating to all our servers.

woah, this is a nice wallpaper. Downloading...

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