Extra! Extra! Read all about your live challenges update!

How are you enjoying your adventures in the world of Veil? Even when you manage to finish the game with all four characters, there is much more in-store for you in the form of daily and weekly challenges.

These challenges automatically appear in your in-game Quest log, but we’re here to give you, the Heroes of Ruin hardcore, a heads-up as to what’s in-store.

We’ll carry on updating you on a weekly basis as to what challenges you can expect, so keep checking back for the latest info.

28 September 2012 Weekly Woodland Ransack - Kill 1250 enemies in the Elder Forest
28 September 2012 Daily Explore Sorcerer's Vault - Fully explore Sorcerer's Vault
28 September 2012 Daily Au - Find 400 gold with at least 1 other player
28 September 2012 Daily Dabbler - Slay 25 enemies
29 September 2012 Daily Monster Buster - Slay 30 enemies today
29 September 2012 Daily Nature Nurture - Complete Nature's Pulse with 2 other players
29 September 2012 Daily Gang Up - Play with at least 2 other players
30 September 2012 Daily You and Me - Play with 1 other player
30 September 2012 Daily Rush! - Clear 300 enemies with at least 1 other player
30 September 2012 Daily Void the Soul Void - Kill 120 enemies in the Soul Void
01 October 2012 Daily Frost Bitten - Kill 8 Frostbitten Ghouls in Predator's Peak
01 October 2012 Daily 1 Level 1 Friend - Level up once with a friend
01 October 2012 Daily Dentist - Kill 2 Frenzyfang Tiburs in The Deep without taking damage
02 October 2012 Daily Spite Bite - Kill 10 Spitewing Gargoyles in Frosthome
02 October 2012 Daily Fast Forward - Kill 12 enemies in 24 seconds
02 October 2012 Daily Juggernaut - Kill 11 enemies and take no damage
03 October 2012 Daily Captain - Level up 4 times as the Savage in the Elder Forest
03 October 2012 Daily Explore The Infinite Cage - Fully explore The Infinite Cage
03 October 2012 Daily Find It Together - Find 200 gold with another player
04 October 2012 Daily Small Fry - Kill 15 enemies
04 October 2012 Daily Frost Fighters - Complete Frosthome with 3 other players
04 October 2012 Daily Scouting Party - Play with at least 1 other player


Come back Daily Challenges, we need you :/

This need to come back! Please!!! The game is not the same without that!

i dont think so vanceolm. im just getting the game monday. wanna play online together some time?

Just starting out can you do some more?

when was the last time they updated the challenge quests(aka) Dailies

1 year without challenges

:o cool


do these help bring up our exp on the site here?

Can i do old Challenges ?

i guess mine will activate tomorrow

I complatet only 0 :D

dailies ftw

Yeah the quest will be back from day to day and comm error to comm error, for another week period. Not their clock's record. Shame they add no quest about making alliance levels.

already beet the weekly quest!!!

My game is in 95% and I don`t have not quest pending... I don´t understand

Does comm error end "whist in the same game"?

Okay, Square lawyers want to have cash slid to me, request to use it, solicit it, I can't hide it as a Daily or Weekly. Kill all Corsair Tiburs, I was going to explode and not the last. Could be a 48 hour one.

Odd, is it me or did the fourth have kill 2 at the same time and kill Ichthid Raiders (in Spawning Pools)?

Well on fifth, not sure what the difference is between the first of the next week's, but Explore The Spawning Pools and Spawning Pools - Complete the.... (the latter did not get, if it's the boss, if you did it already why not count that?).

Eh, "EXPLORE THE INFINITE CAGE" again, patch it so we can go back to it.

Would be nice if there was more then 3 dailies, or a way to go back and do missed ones! :)

Had a few problems with these at first, but all good now.


Hah, funny, now the vault gears move.

Takes a little while, man I have "revive Ataraxis" and "Assault the Vault" both impossible due to a comm error. Vindicator, uh, looks like a third time.

Gotta get NEW character at Nature's Pulse Daily Challenge with ONLY 2 other players, my joining ANOTHER'S Nature Pulse DOESN'T register as met, ack!!!!!

I beat the game again today (offline) with my Alchitect. However, the game shows my completion at 98%

What? WHY :(


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