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We have another action-packed week of live challenges for you to enjoy, either to serve as distraction from your main quest to save Lord Ataraxis or just if you fancy spending some time in some of Veil's various regions.

However, we won't stand on ceremony. We know you're only reading this so that you can test your might in some fresh confrontations. So without further ado, here's your lot for the next seven days...

14 September 2012 Weekly Magic Murders - Kill 2000 enemies in the Soul Void
14 September 2012 Daily Reaper - Kill 5 Webscythers in Nature's Pulse
14 September 2012 Daily Seventy Souls - Kill 70 monsters in the Soul Void
14 September 2012 Daily Circle of Friends - Level up 1 time in a party of 4
15 September 2012 Daily Boomerang - Kill 8 Gargoyle Bladewings in The Permafrost
15 September 2012 Daily Gone in 30 seconds - Kill 10 enemies in 30 seconds
15 September 2012 Daily Defensive Aggression - Kill 3 Ickthid Defenders in The Deep without taking damage
16 September 2012 Daily Cold Wisper - Kill 10 Chill Wisps in the Frost Reaches
16 September 2012 Daily Thrilling Drilling - Kill 15 Goblin Drillbores in The Rimefell
16 September 2012 Daily Master Blaster - Kill 5 Goblin Farblasters in The Rimefell
17 September 2012 Daily Cruising for a Bruising - Kill 10 Goblin Bruisemakers in The Rimefell
17 September 2012 Daily No Time to Lose - Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds
17 September 2012 Daily Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee - Kill 8 enemies and take no damage
18 September 2012 Daily Reheat - Kill 7 Ice Wisps in The Crystal Path
18 September 2012 Daily On the Double - Kill 2 enemies in 4 seconds
18 September 2012 Daily Lieutenant - Level up 3 times as the Alchitect in the Elder Forest
19 September 2012 Daily Frost Bite - Kill 11 Frostbite Ghouls in The Crystal Path
19 September 2012 Daily Explore The Frozen North - Fully explore The Frozen North
19 September 2012 Daily The Root of Evil - Find 666 gold with at least 2 other players
20 September 2012 Daily Warm Hands - Kill 5 Coldheart Wraiths in The Crystal Path
20 September 2012 Daily Shot Clock - Kill 10 enemies in 24 seconds
20 September 2012 Daily Killer - Kill 50 enemies


Please do more

MIssed these also! :(

"WARM HANDSKill 5 Coldheart Wraiths in The Crystal Path" Why? This is like the Cell one. They all die out, there is no going back to it, you have to be at this stage to even kill them.

Crystal Path, Wisps, a rare enemy where the enemies are finite unless you go in and out a lot?

Hah, be nice to get site xp for every time you finish a daily or weekly.

Nice, hopefully the website will update stats this week -.-

WOOT! Rewards for the faithful!

Yes, snoozer if the site records it. Must be a good gig being paid to come up with those.

About freaking time, lol, I'm going for gold as in "Royalty" ranking, ha!!!

Hit join and * if on my code list and need to get some where these quests go. If I am on the quests and not joining someone's story line action I will do it, either way great way to build levels when starting out. When Lv 27, the void isn't much for experience but earlier on, not bad.

Some of these don't start up in time because after you beat them they can still show up for another 24 hours. Weekly for another week or until finished. Don't update here much either. Look like fun. Some purpose after beating a game that could have fit more content without a zoom in start to the game and things like that. Like.....redacted do to not being a solicited idea....

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