We share your creative talents with the Heroes of Ruin community

Well adventurers, you certainly are a creative bunch. We’ve had no shortage of fan art and fiction submitted since the launch of Heroes of Ruin and we’re long overdue sharing your talents with the community at large.

We’ve picked out the cream-of-the-crop of fan-submitted entries and below you’ll find a veritable cavalcade of artistic endeavours. 

First up, we have a couple of entries that just missed out on the top spot for our Astro Headset competition

By Ian Flores

By Mana RD

Next we have this worthy piece sent in by Joshua Vega Hernández

In addition, we also have a couple of gripping stories, both of which have their own personal spin on Heroes of Ruin’s lore.

Alex Perrin submitted this entry about a particular evil creature of his own imagining – the Ripren:

Of all the horrors that lurk in the world of Veil, none is more terrifying than the Ripren. Long thought to have been mere legend, recent accounts have proven that this beast is very real.

According to the myths, the Ripren is an amalgamation of souls, human and not, bound together and locked into a corporeal form by a mystical chain. A sickly white membrane covers it from head to toe. It's thick legs end with a horrible two-clawed foot. The Ripren's left arm is small and deformed, while it's right arm ends with a massive three-pronged claw that it uses to tear enemies to pieces. Above its torso rests what some might call a head, albeit a freakishly malformed one. With a gaping maw lined with razor teeth and a single, unblinking, eye, all who fall within it's gaze are frozen in terror.

The chains that encircle its body end with a massive lock on its chest. This lock is the source of the enchantment that binds the beast together, and destroying it will send it into a blind rage, causing it to lash out at friends and foes alike.

When it's thirst for rage is satiated, the souls within its body disperse in a devastating explosion, obliterating everything within ten meters.

Pretty gruesome stuff, eh?

Lastly, we have this epic yarn by Ace Linkey, who you might remember from our free copy competition. This story is so epic, you’ll need to open it in a separate tab or window.

Heroes of Ruin: Curse of the Fallen One

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries – it’s really humbling to see how Heroes of Ruin has inspired your creative instincts.

What do you think of the above submissions? Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments below.



quite impressive


AWESOME!!!! The bear was freaky, the crab looks tasty, and the Ripren sounds like a fun fight! Hay I have an Idea. I suggest a Voting page where the best fan Art/Fiction will be given to the programmers for DLC / HoR2 (because I know I'll buy it). Just so the next installment will come out quickly.

Crab is the good one.

Great stuff.


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