Heroes of Ruin hits Google+!

Now even more ways to keep up to date.

Have you heard whisperings about the mysterious Google+? If you’ve been stuck in the Coral Tombs without an internet connection you might have missed the news. Google’s launched a new social network that aims its guns directly at Facebook and Twitter.


If you’re one of the 40 million Google+ users already using it, then we’ve got great news for you. As of today you can now follow the latest Heroes of Ruin news right from the comfort of your Google+ stream. All you need to do is head over to and add us to your circle.

Don’t want to join Google+? Then don’t worry, we still have plenty of other ways you can stay up to date. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

So what are you waiting for? The World of Veil needs every one of you!


The place I have because my cel needed gmail and you tube needed that to log in and really rarely waste time on.

Post me anything about the xp... that doesnt involve the challenges....


Dont mind me.

Added already, but nothing new there since march !

Fantastic. Thanks a lot :)

I will subscribe to Youtube channel, hopes theres more coming soon ;)

Oh excellent . . . I'm almost exclusively on G+ these days. I've not logged into twitter in weeks.

Glad to see another way to keep up with the site ^_^


shiny. keep the updates rolling!


I subbed their youtube channel.

whooopieeee I didn't waste 5 min of my life .

Great page! Keep updating!

Whats this google+


Pretty cool :)

The mighty China main land block them all =(

How come they don't work in your country, wangeddier?

I have Google+. I'll check it out!

None of these social networks works in my country =(

got it !!!

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