The game's creators celebrate its launch worldwide

We've been getting all misty eyed here at Square Enix London studios following the North American launch of Heroes of Ruin. It's a bit funny seeing a project you've worked so hard on internally finally be released into the wild. It must be like sending your kids off on their first day of school - you've nurtured them as best you can and now it's up to them to stand on their own two feet.

However, if anybody can be called the parents of Heroes of Ruin, it's the dev team at n-Space. These fine folk have poured a lot of heart (as well as graft) into making this game possible and to achieve something truly special with the title.

So, to mark the game's North American launch, Dan O'Leary, President of n-Space, has put pen to paper and expressed the feelings of the whole team for you, the Heroes of Ruin hardcore. We hope you enjoy this personal message straight from the creative minds that brought you the game.

This week's North American release of Heroes of Ruin marks the culmination of a challenging journey that started nearly two years ago for n-Space. We had long dreamed of doing a loot based "dungeon brawling" action adventure game that leveraged our extensive handheld experience, including online cooperative multiplayer. With Nintendo's announcement of the 3DS we began pitching the concept to various publishers. Square Enix understood and embraced our vision better than any other and were the perfect partner from day one. It was an ambitious project from the beginning and I'm tremendously proud of all the team accomplished.

For n-Space, those of you that buy and play the game are the most meaningful measure of our success as a developer. I know I speak for everyone at n-Space, including the entire Heroes of Ruin team, when I say we are very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we see from you here on the official forums and in similar gaming outlets around the internet. Thank you for waiting patiently for its release and for spending your hard earned money on our game. In a world full of entertainment options, we are honored that you have chosen to invest your valuable time and attention on Heroes of Ruin.

So there you have it - noble words indeed. However, with a year's worth of daily and weekly challenges to come, plus some powerful new features for the community site just around the corner, this is really just the beginning!


SE should see more of these kinds of games.

This is by far the coolest "action RPG" I've payed yet... Besides Zelda

It was an ambitious effort certainly. It's good, slightly talky and I prefer the sort of humor and look of a Dungeon Rampage or Gauntlet (love the keep coming until you destroy the base thing). Went to the blog and added Roberto G-l, hah, would you know it, no way to tell him.

Hey guys... im looking for a good alliance beside the one that i have right now, anyone that would like to join me just write in my profile and ill answer u back...


that's cool


nice game though way to short.

HoR in NA, yeahh!

Next time, put more contents in your game, M. Dan O'Leary, because HoR is a little short !

Wonderful Job!!!

This game is amazing! It has wonderful mechanics and beautiful environment!! It's everything I love about a game withought compromises, Thank you!
Thank you for making this available!! And the daily challenges, it's perfect, cuz even when you finish the game, you still have more stuff to do with friends and other fellow players. Truly a great game. I give you all my dearests Thank you's.

Love this game, great job N-Space, you have gotten a satisfied new fan!

more quests! and increase the level cap

Woo! Please patch and offer some DLC. (I bought two copies - this will be my girlfriend's first 3DS game!)

Also, the Alchitect rocks. :D


Am Still havin problem with the forum....i cant log in or pass and i neva stay logged in...


Love this game

The voiced chat is great! What would make it better is a little screen to show your team members faces too. But reguarding the size of the screen I doubt this would be possible and enjoyable at the same time lol. But besides that pointless comment, Great job N Space and Square Enix! This is the best portable game ever! I have been waiting monthes for this game

Worth every penny! Heroes of Ruin becomes a fun loving addiction with friends! Feels great to have my most anticipated 3DS game finally in my hands! Great job N-Space and Square Enix :D

For challenge thanks. :)

Great game so far!! Thanks

i'm counting on you guy's

It is the best game i have ever played totally worth the money to buy keep up the great work

I beat and loved the game. ^_^ I hope if you all make a "HoR 2" you take a few lessons from the ".hack" games on the PS2 in which files from Game 1 can be used in Game 2 with all stuff transferred over. I think that would be an AWESOME Feature. ^_^

This is one of the best games I have ever played. Bravo n-Space. Many of your faithful players, including myself, think that you should add expansions instead of creating a second HoR. Learn from some of the most popular games in the world such as World of Warcraft and RuneScape. Keep adding content don't create a whole new game. Even if you charge for the expansions it wont matter people would prefer expansions compared to a whole new game.

i have to say i love this game so much. Thank you Square enix and thank you so much N-Space you guys did the best game ever!! i cant put this game down. Also if you guy make a part two can there be more skins and colors on the hair. n-n Dont get me wrong i love the different skins on here now, i just wish the best for the game in the future. I love the art work on the wolf ,dragon, area landspace and everything!! Thank you so much n-space you guys did a wonderful job. -NekoStar

i love this game but it could have been so much longer. i didnt like the fact that you could only go to level 30 and that you could only accumulate 99999 coins.



Hope to see some DLC in the near future for the game. Other than that it takes me back to the old Diablo days playing without any sleep for a couple of days with my friends.

Love the game. n-Space, PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!!! That would be awesome. "Heroes of Ruin 2" :D

I must admit that this game surprised me, I got this Launch Day in North America and on one full day and in the middle of the night I 100% the game on my Vindicator. Although their are small bug issues and Mic Problems every now and then(to be expected with this the first 3DS game to have Voice Chat not everything can go perfectly) I enjoy the heck out of this game. I hope to see DLC added into the game especially noticing a VS next to Co-Op Multiplayer on the game box on the back.

My Fave 3DS Game So Far! Thank You for a great game!

else than the registration and linking game problems for us, north america players, I must say the game impressed me.

the communication system is without fails at start. i played with 3 people last night for 5 hours straight, without connection issues, mic faults or anything. i could hear quite well people talking, and it was great fun ! totally changed the game mood when youre with other people.
and you know, huge productions like call of duty or worst, battlefield 3, had serious mic problems at launch. with battlefield 3, we waited 5 months before we could communicate.
bravo to your com dev!

Just want to chime in and say well done to the developers! I love this game so far! I hope the challenges continue to come, it adds a lot to the game.

This game is awesome! Keep it up guys!

Although the game practically holds your hand by giving you vast amount of potions, the challenges always give you something to look forward the very next day; (See what I did there?) I'm amazed at just how capable the 3ds is of online voice chat, they should put this in more online based games in the future. Titles such as Mario Kart 7 an Kid Icarus uprising would have been perfect. Even Super street fighter 4 3d edition, I can just imagine it... those lite mode auto block abuser kids crying when I catch em off guard with a light light punch medium punch canceled into EX tastumaki after they spam that sumo slam. XD Point is this game has amazing capabilities an should be fully used. Such as DLC, new customizations etc. The sound an music are amazing, I'm using the Power A headset an I can hear other users better than the 3ds speaker. (I recommend it) So best of luck with the success of this amazing game. \^w^/

Loving it! Especially since I take my 3DS to work! =D
As others have said, would love to have DLC!

I'm loving the game, and many people, myself included, praise the very ambitious online components. I hope the game is a financial success for you guys, so we may see a Heroes of Ruin 2 (and have lots of people to play with for a long time!) And at the very least, congratulations on setting the bar on what features a 3DS online game can have. Cheers!

This game is all kinds of awesome! Excellent work, and I hope there's more to come.

I love this game. I cant wait for a sequel.

I already beat the game and I can honestly say that you guys did a great job of making this game! Overall, Heroes of Ruin is such a beautiful game. I seriously hope that there'll be a sequel in the near future and surely I'll be getting one if ever! ^^ *and btw, the ending is just epic!*All I can say is.. who knew? xD


Hopefully this is just the beginning of our epic quest combo of battling, looting, and cooperating!!!

everybody s using my avatar

It's about time the 3DS got a stellar "Baulder's Gate" like RPG game to show case the 3DS side of gaming, ha! Can't wait to see this game go big on the August 19 release date of the 3DS XL gaming system, it'll further blow competitor's outta proverbial "Battleship" oceans, double ha!!!

Awesome game, keep up the updates, and community support this game will take off!!

: D

I hope by the time the Challenges end we get "HoR 2". Even after a programming error caused me level 25 Alch to no longer be able to continue in story thus I had to delete her and start anew I am still supporting the game. ^_^

I hope we get a Trilogy like ".Hack" and other games that you continue from the early games. ^_^

dlc and expanded lv cap would b nice

dlc and expanded lv cap would be nice

dlc and expanded lv cap would be nice

Loving the game so far. I'm taking my time and enjoying it.

love the game but I have major problems with linking my game. im from canada and the numbers of my serial arent the same as asked on the website !!!

whats wrong with tthat. plus when i try to connect to the square-enix america, my HoR login doesnt work and it prompts me to register a new account.
Plusthe forum here disconnects me and my profile login doesnt work.

geez. so that explains why im complaining here, cause i cant use the forum !

love the game and got 100% in 2 days!! if you do make a sequel, fix the problems in this game that people want.

Love the game... Def needs a New Game + with harder difficulty and DLC soon!

I really can't wait to see what is in store!


Great game, and it's nice to see the president of n-space express some gratitude to the consumer. That's the way I wish more developers would do buisness. A game can only be as great as it's fan base. Thanks n-space for the hard work and thanks square enix for finding this team and believing in their vision.

love this game

Loving the game so far. Going to play through the game with every character!

Def want to see some DLC for this one. Awesome games need awesome expansions! Great to be able to finally play HoR in Canada!

Enjoying the game so far. Hope to see some new stuff on the horizon as DLC, too!

Great game so far! Only problem I've had so far was I killed a boss and didn't pick up all the rare loot. My character leveled up so I did that and when I came back to the game screen, all my unclaimed loot was gone. I learned my lesson. Will have to play more to kill more bosses for some rare items. Moar loot!

You guys did a really great job! Thanks =)

DLC and extra story spread out around teh world of teh other Ruinlord would be soo effin good cuz it seem lik ethe surface of thing havent been scartched

It's a great game! =) Thank you all for your work on this! ^^,


I am in love with this game! I also like the fact that it's the first 3DS game I have played that is using the Push-To-Talk feature for online gaming. I am looking forward to this next year & all of the challenges. I also hope to see some extra DLC coming our way as well. That would be the icing on the cake!

Cheers to you all & best wishes!

Rican Havok

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