RuinCast: Episode 2 - Beasts Of Ruin

New hosts, new info, new... new!

The second episode of our Heroes of Ruin podcast is now available for you to listen to and download to your computers, iPods or other music devices.

On this month's packed show new Heroes of Ruin Community Manager Kevin Eva talks with the recently profiled Alastair Cornish, External Designer on Heroes of Ruin, who is back for a second show.  They are also joined by Assistant Brand Manager Luke Willoughby and the trio will go through your questions and feedback so far.

Not only that but a new topic is introduced: the Beasts of Ruin! What sort of monsters will you be hunting in the dungeons, caves, deserted buildings and forgotten wastelands of Ruin?  More importantly, what sort of monsters will be hunting YOU?

Heroes of Ruin Podcast – Episode Two

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Fell beasts!

nice work





Enjoying going back and seeing the background. Disappointed to be so far behind, yet lucky to still have gotten in not long after the USA release. Loved the demo -- that's what really sold me on the game. Playing pickups on the demo. Love hearing these early podcasts. :D

Just listening to all of these while reading all the old storys. :)


Only one more to listen!

im here for the xp :)



This is such a great game. Oh, and great podcast too!

Post me anything about the xp... that doesnt involve the challenges....

release it in america already


Hope this one is entertaining too!

I love ruincasts

Another awesome podcast


Good work boys.


Dont mind me.



this cool if they do mini updates like an mmo

I wonder if they'll talk about DLC in one of the podcasts

excellent cast. you got me hooked for the next podcast !


Some are really hard to beat

The second Ruincast was informative and fun to listen to. I admit, these Ruincasts helped to peak my interests in the game, as well as all the other News info.

Speirs1616, if your gonna post on old ruincast news posts, at least think of something witty to say, like me berating you.

I'm listening to all the podcasts to get myself hyped up for the game before it arrives in the post.

Part two to go with my first one, thanks!

Hype Hype Hype

Listening to it right now, TY

Can't wait til later to actually be able to listen to this

Should listen to this

Oh my gosh..... its great!!!!!

Hey, you should link all podcasts somewhere on the front page! Nuking people with info like that should build up some hype~

Hope that these things don't have too many new details, I hate listening to podcasts.

You know, one day I will really listen to these podcasts!

their is only one word to describe this and its not just aw-some its cool aw-some outstanding and amazing

With this and the new trailer, this game is so slated for a short demo. THAT WOULD ROCK!!!

Cool !!!

Yeah, the first thing I thought of when they mentioned the equipment was Borderlands. (WoW too, with the random stat bonuses on some equipment.)

Liked what you guys went over in the Podcast. Getting a Borderlands vibe from the talk about the varieties of weapons. That is, of course, no bad thing as long as the game sustains an enjoyable long term single player campaign.

Are there gonna be rare beasts?

Very Cool

I really appreciate all the info they put out. Really makes me anticipate the game even more.

RuinCast is a great way to inform people about this game. Keep up the great work.

I need to watch these at some point.

Looks awesome

Downloading now

Downloading! Thanks

Friendship leveling isn't really a clan replacement, but an interesting concept nonetheless.

I love RuinCasts, they're like a way to temporarily fulfill my desire for the game!

Downloading the RuinCast now, so exited :D

These ruincasts are good :-) filled with info to satisfy one's needs while waiting for the game!!

No Leeroy Jenkins moments? Now, THAT would be a bummer! ;D

Cant wait for the next one.

I am clearly waiting for a video soon. Or atleast insane screenshots (bosses or inventory :) !!

It looks as though you guys are making one of these podcasts each month. I think you should make one every two minutes. Or better yet, every time a line of code is completed!! Muahahaha...or I'll settle for a video. Yeah...a video and a monthly podcast is good.

^ YESS!!! I need a gameplay video too

gameplay video next please ! =D

Does anyone know when 3rd one will be out ? I know its next month, but which date ?

I like these Podcasts, keep them coming =)

Im waiting for this excelent game ^^

Can't wait to see the video. I can't seem to get the pictures to move in my head. ^_^

The more I hear, the more I am impressed


Man that was awesome all the information they gave, but they still never answer the whole gender thing for the character will they be able to change the character into a boy or girl. The did make it sound like it wasent, but who knows except them. I can't wait till it's out and seeing it. I'm going to go post my answer for their next podcast Wooooo!! =p,

Can't wait for this game to drop

ruin cast woot it's awesome

Sweet, game trailer sounds near !

You guys need to make a transcript of the podcast for the deaf folk who are interested in this game. It'd be a great idea.

I just finished listening the ruincast, I was really great.

This game is gonna be the best game of 3ds

This game sounds really cool. Hope they utilise all the features of the 3ds well, including graphics (as from what ive heard everthing else will be spot on). From what ive seen already its should be great, can't wait for the trailer.

Gotta check this out, thanks.



I'm really liking these podcasts! Not only does it give the fans a peak at the game, but you guys really make it fun to listen to!

great podcast, cant wait for the next one!!

Lots of great info. HoR already sounds like it will be a hit!

LOVED IT =D!! As far as I know, this game could become the best title for the 3ds =o

Would be nice to have some gameplay videos!!!!

Wooooaaaa... I want it now!!!!!!

Tons of new information! Brilliant Podcast guys. :)

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