The best way to form your own fearsome alliance


Heroes of Ruin is undoubtedly a game that’s at its best when you’re sharing the experience with some fellow like-minded adventurers. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun going through the game with an established party of friends, sharing loot with each other so that each member of your band of warriors is equipped to the best of their abilities.

It’s certainly come as no surprise that some of the comments we see the most on the forumFacebook and Twitter are requests to receive and offers to share 3DS Friend Codes.

Well, in an effort to help you synch-up and plan your adventures through the world of Veil with maximum efficiency (almost said “super effective”, but... wait, dammit!), you can now find a new sticky thread in the General Discussion board of the Heroes of Ruin Forum entirely dedicated to the sharing (and, potentially, caring) of Friend Codes.

You can find the thread in question by following this link.

You will also be able to find some instructions on how to retrieve your 3DS’ Friend Code in there, along with my own friend code as well.

I look forward to seeing that thread becoming a bustling hub of FC swapping action. Enjoy!



mine is on my profile

if you guys want my fc, please pm me.

My FC is on my profile, leave me a comment with your FC if you add me.

who wants my friend code?

İT's on my Profile.

If anyone wants a brother in arms my friend code is 1461 - 6396 - 2161

maybe this will actually get posted!

Mine is on my profile! :)

but what if you don't want to add everybody

I'm up on the spread sheet as well... but if you don't want to bother my FC is... 0645 - 5822 - 0159

Mine's on my page and anyone can add me. I've a level 30 vindicator, and a couple lower ranked vindicators. I don't want your loot or gold (other than in challenges?). Normally the only thing I'm looking for is kills, experience or valour. I'll help with anything from pirates to Rigel's antics. Will NEVER ninja your stuff.

I suspect, there is a hidden challenge attached to this and ally levels.

I started this FB Page:

It's on my profile.

Wow top ten in the comments. SCORE!


Second post. Woop woop!

thank you!!!

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