Concept Art: The Vindicator's New Clothes

Won't somebody please think of the children?

For our next piece of concept art, we... good grief! I say! That... that lion fellow isn't wearing any clothes! Disgraceful! Cover the children's eyes, put the vicar off from his visit this evening, etc.


The piece featured here is a colour test for a couple of potential fur shades for the Vindicator and the best way to actually see this would be with him au naturel. You can't very well have him with armour on for that. Still, worth a look (between your fingers) to see what you can consider to be the base design and the details of the fur.

Click to view/download the full sized version.


I like how different armor has a different look. I'd have done the system a little differently.

im here for xp :)

Post me anything about the xp... that doesnt involve the challenges....

awww, I kinda wanted to see what the fuss was about...

If possible can someone send me the pic so i may see the choices.

someone should really fix that.


Dont mind me.


The image has been removed! Someone needs to fix this.

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Like J88 link seems to be lost. One other plz i dislike 404's error :(

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Yeah, I like the 2nd and 4th ones the most.

those are really cool!

Good Job with the design! It awesome for the 3DS.

They're soo sexy >:D
Can I 'play' with them??

Sorry about that I doubled clicked. (Stupid dell)

The best cat is obviously the third one from the left (the tan one) and I would like to know where all the females are, lions do not asexualy reproduce, still great art work.

The best cat is obviously the third one from the left (the tan one) and I would like to know where all the females are, lions do not asexualy reproduce, still great art work.

Amazing artwork. You did a great job differentiating them!
Not just a color palette change, but actual style changes. Kudos!

Cats are cool animals. Anyone else posting for the XP?


Will the models look this good in game? Are the other models being revamped?

I like the one on the left

Do we get to choose what fur type we want?

I love the 2 in the middle. The first (in the middle) is nice because it looks more open and friendly. The second (in the middle again) is slightly more secretive but I love the color and face.

my favorite is the second one


The first ones a bit zebra-ish, third is my favorite

i like the grey one the most.

The last one looks the coolest to me.

So are these like possible colours when can choice at character creation?

friggin sweet


so going to make one. vary cool character.

The grey lion with the stripes looks awesome!!

Are these the only four skins we get to choose from? They do look cool though.

Personalization is very important in a game like that. Meet online pg identical to our hero is depressing...XD

Thumb up for the sencond one's haircut =D

Can you do this with the Gunslinger? Thanks in advance.

It has been my life's dream to play as a giant naked lion warrior. Finally my dream has come true

Still just a tad bit off put that the only female choice is the skinny supermodel-ish elf-looking one...

Know it might just be me, but I would have liked a bit more choice in that regard.

ACTUALLY, if your'e covered in fur. . . . . . your'e not really naked

I like them all, however in my mind they fit into different categories. The first two give me the impression that they could be from tribes which live under certain extreme conditions. The first one, snowy region perhaps, the second, somewhere earthy and hot, volcanic region perhaps. The third one looks like he is from a tribe that have been integrated with humans for many years and because of this his fur has taken on a more neutral colour. The fourth one makes me feel like he is quite regal and from some sort of honour.

Great fur shades to get people thinking how they can personalise what type of Vindicator he/she would like to play as.

Keep up the good work, cant wait to play :)

Amazing! I like the first and the last.

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