With which character do you have the greatest affinity?

Next week, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at each of Heroes of Ruin’s class skill trees. But before we do that, we’re taking this opportunity to sound you out on what is quite possibly the most important question of all – which is your favourite class and how did you pick?

We assume that what draws you to one particular class over another is a certain sense of affinity, the little ways in which you see yourself reflected in that class.

For example, if you chose the Vindicator, would you say you have a somewhat fierce reputation (perhaps because of your thirst for glory and unshakeable conviction)? Did you see yourself as being an intensely disciplined person with an intense passion for justice and unshakable hatred of wrongdoing. Did you?

If you see yourself as a wily, cunning type – perhaps with a bit of a shady past – did you find the Gunslinger a natural choice? If you’re used to crowd control without losing your cool, perhaps you were drawn to this class by your very nature.

Similarly, if the clever and well-prepared Alchitect was your class of choice, or the fearsome Savage even, what do you think that says about you? We’re very interested to hear your views.

Of course, we could be wrong and you very well may have chosen your favourite class using other criteria entirely – in which case, don’t be shy, tell us how wrong we are in the comments below!



Second would be Gunslinger. Always loved to play as ranged characters, really missing an archer in this game =(. Top would be:

1. Alchitect
2. Gunslinger
3. Vindicator
4. Savage

Didn't play as the last two yet, though.



Vindicator for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game really does have potential, and I feel it deserves a sequel.

(VINDICATOR) is the best class with (Replenishing Strikes) gives passive healing when performing critical strikes on enemy's. Healing buff (Cleanse) + high damage output when (Executioner) passive ability is MAXED OUT!! FYI: Targets must be stunned for this ability to really shine!!!

(VINDICATOR) = Tank/Healing

vindicator looks cool.

web challenges

vindicator is an awesome class!!!!!

So far for me it seems like gunslinger is the strongest. Although i play everything pretty much equally.

i like all the classes but the most i like is the VINDICATOR it rules out!

savage!!! muahahaaha


Gunslinger is the only class for me


Vindicator is perfect for me though I do look forward to learning the ins and outs of other characters.

i like savage alot they are very strong

Even this many months in, having played as all four classes, I still love the Vindicator.

I started out playing the Vindicator because that is the only character you could play in the Heroes of Ruin demo. But after playing all four characters I think the Gunslinger is the best but they are all pretty evenly matched. The Gunslinger has the advantage of long range weapons. Well, I guess the Alchitect has advantage of long range weapons also with the magic and has a great close weapon as well with the staff.

Savage is awesome!

gunslinger looks cool.

my first and only character is the savage. i beat the game with him in one week. what do you guys think of the other characters?

So far I've been playing as Vindicator and it's pretty sweet. Always been a fan of warrior types. Kind of wish you could pick gender for each class, though.

um i think they should make a nother class or 2 . it just feel,s to me thier something missing and maybe a level cap boost but thats just me. but i guess by default guns all the way


I've played all but the Alchitect through & through. And the Vindicator I keep coming back to. The skill tree combos are so cool with the Vindicator. Even though in my stats page, my fav is Gunslinger. But I really like the the Vindicator.

geese alchitects are getting destroyed but luckely thats the class that ill be using probably with good crowd control, gravity bomb, time warp, i haven't decided on my last skill though

I just started as a Savage, loving it so far.

I really like the vindicator. I mean, c'mon, it's a lion. With dreads. And a sword. And cheesy lines. Gotta love him. I haven't played much as any of the other characters yet, but they've all got qualities I like!

I like Vindicator. He uses a sword and it was also the first class I ever used.

savage and vidictator

I Like Vindicator! :D

alchitect- gravity bomb and teleportation very useful

I originally chose Gunslinger and have nearly finished game, so I started as a savage. I like vindicator more than savage, but my friend started as I vindicator on my DS. I like them all nearly the same amount, but if I had to order them, I would go:
1. Gunslinger, HE HAS GUNS!! Like-o-meter 50%
2. Vindicator, Who doesn't love giant cat guys? Like-o-meter 25%
3. Savage, His best friend is probably the Hulk, and the avengers rule! Like-o-meter 20%
4. Alchitect, I'm not really into female spellcasters. Like-o-meter 5%

Gunslinger baby! All the way. Just love popping. The Gunslinger truely rules.

Vindicator 4 Life!!!

Savage checking in. No feeling in the world like getting up close and watching the hope fade from an enemies eyes as they realize how hopelessly outclassed they are. I like that personal feel hahahahahahahahahahaha...

Gunslinger is the best cuz u can just get under cover and shoot 2 ur hearts content/enemy dead!

vindicator duh he rules ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah baby vvvvvvviiiiinnndddddiiiiiiicccccaaaaattttoooorrrr rrrruuuuulllleeeessss

ill go with gunslinger... why you do you prefer Vindicator guys?

Yes, 3 times and finally got Vindicator to 100% with game beaten (site update delay of course). Shame levels are so limited, can't up all the fave skills to max levels. Friend of mine hit a glitch with their Savage, Bumped up a stage before finishing a needed one.

I have to say that all classes caught my eye in different ways xD
However, I do preffer the Vindicator

A good addition to the Champion's Leaderboard would be Character Exp totals and stats. Must be data on how many characters are used by how many and how well they are doing. It's a list of 4. It would be interesting.

I like the Gunslinger using the bolo, wheel throw, and bomb and as much of the passive I can build up.

The gunslinger. The bomb retreat move is great when paired with the spraying move. After that, you really only need to obtain the power ups.

Alchitect, MOST definitely awesomest character class outta ANY, magick users ALWAYS provide exceptional back up support unlike ANY OTHER class across ALL RPG realms!!

i'm a fan of the gunslinger. i've tried the others except for the savage but i always go back to my gunslinger

Gunslinger my favorite but the savage is a close second

Gunslinger my favorite but the savage is a close second

Flaming sword bit is awesome too.

All have great passive skills.

I love the Gunslinger's bomb bit, the Savage on Rapture, Alchitech on that flame beam thing, that fire wave bit the Vindicator used, annoyed I have to do Vindicator a third time to get it at 100%. Has trouble accounting in certain instances, heh, machines and their logic.

Gunslinger definitely. I usually play as the warrior type in RPG's, but somehow i found the Gunslinger as a warrior in his own way, relying on nothing except his trusty weapons and his wits.

I like the Gunslinger, but I also really like the Alchitect.

The Gunslinger's definitely my favorite. Ranged finesse that knocks enemies on their asses, whether they're close by or even a whole screen away. Poor bastards don't see it coming half the time.

The savage Powa!!


Hands down the Vindicator! He is just pure awesomeness!!!

I would have to say the alchitect because of the gravity bomb, but i haven't gotten far with the gunslinger or even played as the vincidater .

Gunslinger! I love hitting from afar!

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