Tell us with whom you most like to do your looting and levelling

An adventurer’s journey can be a lonely one. Many a hero finds that the most demanding quest is best overcome when allied with a group of loyal and equally-powerful fellow combatants.

The quest to cure Lord Ataraxis from his mysterious curse and rescue the city of Nexus from peril is no easy task. With enemies coming of all shapes and sizes needing to be slain and with multiple lands to traverse in order to safeguard the world of Veil, it’s little wonder that so many of you have chosen to party-up and tackle these challenges together.

Heroes of Ruin is, at its core, an experience to be enjoyed with friends. These friends don’t need to be in the same room, city or even country as you – in fact, you may very well have never met them before.

One of the experiences I most enjoyed with the game recently was dropping into a game with my Level 28 Paladin Leonidas and listening to the voice chat between a young man in the USA and another in the France. These two didn’t just talk about the quest at hand or on how best to divide loot, but also about how the young Frenchman would have to go to sleep soon due to the time difference (“Aw man, that sucks” was the American reply). They agreed that they should swap 3DS friend codes and continue their quest at a later date, demonstrating that there’s more to the game than just slashing and spell-casting.

This got me thinking… with whom do you most often play Heroes of Ruin? Do you have a set party with whom you like to go questing, or do you just start a new multiplayer game and join in with anyone?

Do you like to talk with your companions, or – like me – do you prefer to stay silent? Equally, do you prefer to join others’ games or host your own and if you are the host, do you let just anybody join?

In my multiplayer experiences, I’ve found that most people share loot pretty equally, even if gold and health potions are more instantly snatched up. What has your experience been – do you tend to find that people play fair, or have you ever uncovered a special weapon or piece of armor only for it to have been quick-sold from right under your feet by some less-than-chivalrous teammate?

Above all, have you made any new real-life friends through heroes of Ruin, and have you successfully beaten the game together?

We at Square Enix London Studios are eager to hear your experiences, so please share your multiplayer stories in the comments below.


i play with my mates guardian and darius and my gf a.k.a. the other thundercat i am the original

my friend and online people

My bro and friend. Also online with randoms.

I play thia game.with my brother

this game is amazing!

My awesome girlfriend bought us two copies so we could play together. Just got into the game and it's enjoyable. However I found out that the daily challenges are no longer working after we were unable to see them on her system.

Please bring the daily challenges back!

My gf and i are huge dungeon crawler fans i scored a copy today luved the game... shes getting a copy so we can game together...

This game really does have potential, and I feel it deserves a sequel.

(VINDICATOR) is the best class with (Replenishing Strikes) gives passive healing when performing critical strikes on enemy's. Healing buff (Cleanse) + high damage output when (Executioner) passive ability is MAXED OUT!! FYI: Targets must be stunned for this ability to really shine!!!

(VINDICATOR) = Tank/Healing

me and a few of my streetpass meet-up friends get together and play. getting a new copy soon so i can start having some fun again.

Me and my best friend got this game to play and we are the perfect tag team combo Im a savage and he is a vindicator he lowers the monster defense and I increase our power

pero esto que es

Working on the single player game right now, but I am interested in starting to explore online.

my friend septhioth and his friends that r online at the time.

I just got the game and I'm enjoying it. I'm looking for people to play with. message me if you're interested in joining my team i'm holding auditions.

i play with my friends

Depends, when I'm playing as a Gunslinger, I like to play with other Gunslingers, but when I ply as a Vindicator, I like to play with everyone.

i like to play with anyone who can talk and are gamers like me thats how i got my username

i like to play with anyone who can talk and are gamers like me thats how i got my username

i am new in the game, and looking for friends to play with. add me plz, friend code in my profile :)

My friend Devin, everytime I get online we play, its awesome

im new to the game :)

I play with noogiwoogi my imagenary friend! ;)

I play with my one and only friend and all games on 3DS should have some form of voice chat!

I play Heroes of Ruin with whoever is online at the time. I played this weekend on a bus trip. The bus had Wi-Fi and I played HOR online most of the time. By working cooperatively I was able to complete Ruinscar of the Forest in only 10 minutes or so.

I haven't been online yet, I'll wait until I finish my first solo run first before I do. I usually join teams of randoms that look to be similar in level to me as there's not much fun in being constantly left behind by powerful players or being booted because you're doing leaving the others behind. Once I know a few players that I play regularly with, physical level doesn't matter any more.


Playing online with other people is awesome! I wish I could do it more often!

Ian3211 hes really nice and helps me out alot :)

I want to play online together! :D were friends... remember?

does anyone wanna play online together?

thats my freind number of the 3ds 4983 5960 3279

I like to play with NYAN CAT... PS if you are NYAN CAT then you might know me... As I AM a noble knight of nexus... Singed :Valythas... the freak who thinks the game is REAL! :O

eu so queria alguém pra jogar comigo meu codigo de amigo é 414118045562
e se alguém q me add posta seu codigo de amigo q eu irei t add

I managed to talk my best friend into buying the game in exchange for me buying Pkmn White 2 to his Black 2 lol. Other than that I meet people in game and exchange FCs. :-)

i like playing it with my brother XD other ppl meh thier ok XD

My best friend from church

i play with randoms that dont talk lol

I gifted a copy to a co-worker so we could loot on our lunch breaks! He is loving the replayability of it right now, we are trying to see every inch of all of the zones.

I need to get my brother a copy so he can play with me!

I don't have anyone to play multiplayer with, since I only like to play with my friends and none of them have the game yet.

Well, I started off with the gunslinger myself. I do a lot more solo player than anything else. I'll try out some multi player stuff a little further down the line though for sure!


Man if I got 1% off new units sold, a guarantee at the sequel (or option to create and submit and write it at a % per sale deal) I would submit weeklies they can use, but it must be solicited.

Might have a point if this is true: UK Economy Falls into Double-Dip Recession

Yeah but they still use Pound Sterling in England, Hungary the Forent, and places like the Nederlands use their own currency still. So many can survive a loss of the Euro.

Finally, a response from y'all, thinking Euro at last collasped, y'all left website on auto pilot from chronic rehashed generic Daily/Weekly Challenges streaming forth onto my 3DS, that I deftly remember from this past summer, ha! Challenges have forced me to team up with other cool peeps, as I strive to rise to the top of the leadership trash heap, lol! This epic incredulous brainstormed internet co-op built into the game as a regular feature has saved y'all's bacon from being fried in conjunction with the Challenges. Y'all just hafta update Challenges, for I would like to see my CURRENT ranking.

I didnt played much in multiplayer yet, and i have only one charakter but i can already tell its a great game and i will spend much more hours having fun with it!

Friend listed, some time World.....I like to boost ally points and also help people rise up the levels quickly at the Heart of the Void and so on, Lv 10 to 20 quickly or something like that, sell extra atomic arms. Oh and now I am doing the Gunslinger over again after accidentally deleting the last one. AHhhh. Oh be nice if all those dailies done get updated again.

I really enjoyed playing the online multiplayer. I was a vidicator Lv 23 when i joined some elses game. I asked if we could go to the strongest area to level up(I have't completed the game so i didn't know) and the host said yes. Soon we were fighting monsters in the Archmage's Crucible and we got the bit where you press L to spawn the monsters. I asked if he could spawn them for me to kill them to go to level 24. He said yes after a while i reached level 24. The host was really great help and we traded friend codes so we could play more. I havent been able to play much because of the time diferences between our countries(Australia, USA) but we do when we can.

I have another story i was playing online with two others guys from America, we were doing the coral tombs weekly challenge(Kill 1500 monsters in the coral tombs). They were FREAKING KIND. They would give me all their vindicator armor either to wear or sell and if we found a treasure room we would split the gold/treasure between ourselves. As we are playing one starts talking about this certain Savage armor he found. He dropped the armor and we would pick it up to look at it. It was really rare. He said he got it after killing a red t-rex where your fight the blue t-rex for the boss in the ice area. After telling us the story we went looking for it. As we were finding it our party dropped to just two. Then i had to leave too. Sadly i never got the chance to ask them for there Friend Code. but it was the BEST online experience i had with someone. All i know that one of the guys was called K.i.L.L.A

I started with the Alchitect even though I tried out the Vindicator on the demo and I really like it so far. The Repulsion Field and Gravity Bombs are some of the best powers for this class IMHO... I dislike the Elemental Blast and Solar Beam powers but they are cool for the players that want that kind of control. I crave the hack and slash magician style class so I really enjoy this character. I've only owned the complete game for a few days and already I've talked a few people into buying it too and made some new friends online during game play. I really hope the devs implement add-on DLC's for new levels, characters AND level caps. This game can go far if SE understands this and listens because me and the others I know are already looking forward to new content. Thank you SE for such a great game with good mechanics and features...on and offline. BTW how do u get an avatar for your online profile??? I hate being a GREY SQUARE!!! LOL!

And no, I'm not going to make some snarky comment about being first.

Mostly just whichever game happens to be open and looks like it could prove a challenge. The voice chat really helps, and I perfer to join the game instead of host. Having the loot stolen from me has only happened a few times, but it is very irritating. No new friends, but one of my old friends got the game, but we haven't gotten the chance to play together.

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