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*knock knock*

Hi there! I've just arrived and couldn't help but notice I've some sort of XP bar attached to my profile page?

Welcome! Yes that's right, you do. By interacting with the site, you'll earn what we've cleverly called... XP.

XP! Gotcha. Wait... 'interacting with the site', isn't that a little vague?

Intentionally so, discovering how you'll earn it is at least half the fun.

O...k... So what's the other half? Why should I care about my XP bar?

Aside from the natural sense of accomplishment you mean? That's easy. Those able to successfully fill their XP bar within a limited time (starting now!) will be added to a highly exclusive area of the site called the 'Wall of Champions'.

Woah. That sounds alright. Tell me more!

We can't say too much at this point, but needless to say there will be rewards for those that make it. Our advice? Fill up that XP bar. Entry to the 'Wall of Champions' will only be available for a limited time.

So this is my one chance for glory?

Well, we wouldn't say never (there may be other opportunities later down the line) but as of right now, yes. This is your time to shine

I best get moving then. I wouldn't want to miss out!

Absolutely not. Hit the front page challenge box for tips on what you need to do.

*door slams*

Gotta love that enthusiasm.



Yeah you guys need to bring back challenges. At least just a loop of a few boring challenges, just so we have something to gain Valor.

All those items in the Valor shop are just wasted.

Daily challenges! Bring them back! Please.

I´m confused :(


I don't know if it's harder to get XP here or in the game.

We need more xp





Now it all makes sense! Lol, this game is legit. Great job Square Enix.

hey guys.

hi there guys. just started playing again 2 days ago. anyone wanna play togeter online?

Okay, I guess the XP bar kind of makes sense now.

spam ftl.....

These challanges are fun, but makes a lot of spam.XD

Shame Lv 30 is the stop point, well there is ally points. I suspect band of brothers level or last ally level must have a challenge attach to it too. Maybe how many times.

Well this certainly has been trashed. And half the challenges are obsolete, it seems.

uh what?

Let's eat some XP!

lol wut???




good to know this game has xp :P

what is with that lolhaha mess

I enjoyed this.

Thanks this helped.

OH Good

what a great system

For challenge thanks. :)



wow really?

It all makes sense!

Whatta jerk leaving all that CRAP up on the wsll, I had SO much scrolling to do to JUST post my comment, that I've forgotten it, ha! J-wad!!

Whatta jerk leaving all that CRAP up on the wsll, I had SO much scrolling to do to JUST post my comment, that I've forgotten it, ha! J-wad!!

Thanks for this.

ahh ok now I get it. Good post.

Huh, didn't know about the wall of champions


Jeez, already this many news posts in under a month?

Post me anything about the xp... that doesnt involve the challenges....

xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xp.xpx..x.x.x.x.x.xppppppp yeah

thanks christ for this wonderful explantion on XP ...

Well this is fun getting all the achievements again. Not


Soooo much spam... >.

Wow, so much spam :/

Spam ain't never good, even (especially?) for dinner. I wants to kill that guy. I wish there was PVP on HOR.

It all makes sense!

What is XP ?


Madre mia con el spam

Love this game.

xp? so thats what it is!!

I like XP bars, though I'm not sure I like the idea of getting XP for handing over my personal info. Then again, Square Enix already have all that from my Final Fantasy XI days anyway :P



why is there so much spam ?

it all makes sense lol jk i already knew what the xp was long ago




You found out what XP is on the XP page.

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