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  • 22nd September 2012
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  • No love for EBGames pre-orders?

    Hey there, I'm curious as to why, if I preorder the "collectors edition" of hitman in store at ebgames, that I will not receive a code to participate in the beta? Here is the link of what I had preorder it is still a digital version of the game? I went to enter my code this past Monday only to find there was no beta code on my receipt, which led me to try and get answers, in the end they said there is no promotion for that? What's up with that! Ive contacted ebgames via email and they said there is nothing of the sort in their systems, however I do remember before going in store, I checked their website and it stated that the code would be provided on the reciept, or if buying online they would provide it via email. Unfortunately I don't have a credit card to make purchases online, but I still preorder a digital copy? so does that mean I will not be able to participate in the beta? As a fan I feel like I'm getting cheesed. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on all of this. I went to look online Today and ebgames had taken that part about the beta off there webpage? what's the DL on that?

  • Where tf is my code?!

    Ordered @ Square Enix store on 1/13/2016 and havent gotten ****. PS4 download version I was guaranteed a code yet nothing... People already playing the ******* beta wtf man. Cancelling my ******* preorder this is retarded. SHOULD'VE PREORDERED AT AMAZON ****S SAKE

  • [Bug] PC restart - Graphic bug

    Hello, I just tried to run Rise of the Tomb Raider many times but my computer keeps shutting down, after many tries I can start the game but the resolution must be below 1920x1080 and the graphic settings on minimum... Here is my configuration: GeForce GTX 970 Intel I5 CPU 650 3.20 GHz 12 go RAM DDR3 Windows 7 64 bits Direct X11 installed, graphic card updated. Any help ? :)


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