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  • 22nd September 2012
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  • Transfer funds

    I've just sold a bunch of players & have over £100m in the bank. Will these funds roll over in to the next season? I don't want to have to spend it all right now!

  • Does one npc could kill another npc?

    In the first missison, in Paris, when I was in haunted mode I tried to get lost in a crowd and thought that guard would not start shooting at innocent people around me or at least woud be taking down which were between me and guards, but unfortunately I was killed in couple of seconds. Does it mean that npc could not kill accidentally other npcs?

  • ON PS4 slit throats appear on chest.

    Minor complaint, but it's kind of jarring. On the PS4, when you slit someone's throat, the damage appears on the victim's chest... It's really odd. Hopefully this is a quick fix, 'cause I'll never stop finding it weird that a small horizontal slash opens on people's chests when I execute them with a knife from behind.


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