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  • 22nd September 2012
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  • Hitman 2 gratis: does it work? Nope...

    Sad to say this, but i've "buyed" Hitman 2 for free; but when i try to download, the program quit out whithout any reason. Any help? Image:

  • Soviet installation relic unreachable

    I am at a point in the game that makes me want to collect al missed relics etc. Therefor i used fast travel to the camp near the soviet installation. On the upper part of the installation is a relic that i cannot seem to reach from neither of the two camps near this location. Am i missing something or is it a bug?

  • CM16 starts season then freezes

    Hi. I have been playing for some time but decided to rested and start again. A new season loads ok with any team, and my staff and facilities are applied. I read the two messages re season objectives but when I select continue the game says it's processing but just hangs and does not progress. I've spent about £10 on CM$ and don't want to lose any of that! I have tried loading a new season with lots of different teams but it keeps happening. I am playing on an iPad running the most recent iOS.


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